Carole Waller

  Carole went on the road through an agent in Atlanta, Georgia. She traveled singing and performing throughout Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. Then changing directions because of opportunities in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and the Mid West. After several recording offers, Carole signed with USA Records out of Chicago. It was at that time that She recorded "Stop and Get A Hold of Myself" and "This Love of Mine" (Which she had written at 18). This Northern Soul record, which was recorded at the famous Chess Recording Studio in Chicago, was part of the Motown sound and R&B. The Record took off in Chicago, New York, and the Mid West, but was pulled back by USA Records (much to her dismay). The record company decided to take Carole in a different direction. Though soul music was her love.

Carole sang and opened for many acts , but she mostly did her own shows throughout the country. She was also a lead singer in show groups such as the "CIRCUS", "MOPPY", and later "RUPERTS 33 CLUB". While working with the Bobby Roberts agency Carole continued writing music. She also appeared with
"BOB YOUNG BAND" and WGN'S own BOB COLLINS. She also appeared at the ABC PREMIER PARTY in New York ,and many other performances the last 3 years of her career out of Chicago. Carole sang many styles of music throughout her career, but of all, soul music was always her first love.

  She sang commercials for Burger King, McDonalds, Tropicana, 7up, American Greeting Cards, and Halllmark Greeting Cards.She also acted in dramas and directed dramas throughout her career.
Advice given to Carole  "Always show your heart and give 100% because you never know who is out there watching. This is how so many opportunities happened in the music business for her".

Carole at 13 years old winning the "COCA COLA SEARCH for TALENT CONTEST" with her first band.

Best known for,

"This Love of Mine"
"Stop and Get A Hold of Myself"

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